Sunday, July 18, 2010

Time Stands Still

Title: song by The All-American Rejects.

I created a blog for my story, Tier in Geist. You can go to it through the FanFiction page.

The thirteenth chapter should be up sometime tomorrow, if not then by Tuesday it should be finished and edited. I am going to try to spend more time updating my blogs and my FanFiction, and of course I will try my hardest to finish Tier in Geist. My story, Moonlight, is also gaining a lot of attention from me as it will be the next story that I put up. If you don't remember what Moonlight is about, here is the summary:

Bella is a werewolf, with a few differences. She is being over-worked by Sam, and meets the Cullens one night while patrolling. Will she be able to stay away from them?

I'm thinking of changing the summary, and here is what I think I will put it up as. The story is changing quite a bit, as like most writers, I have matured since I first started writing.

To imprint on the enemy is insane. But since when had anything Bella ever done made sense? Edward loves her, so why doesn't she just give in to her feelings?

Tell me what you think, and remember me.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Title - Song by Fanfarlo

I don't know how many times I will apologize in the future, nor do I know how many times I have apologized in the past. It seems I have apologized a great many times, the words 'I'm sorry' have left my lips during conversations with my mother, my father, my brother, my friends, my animals... almost everybody I have ever met I have apologized to. It seems I keep apologizing, therefore I must not really mean it. It makes me feel selfish... this time, I'm not going to apologize.

I have updated Tier in Geist, and the editing for my other stories is going quite well. I have even begun to fully write out the plot lines for each one, and hopefully I will be able to return to them soon. However, I will not feel the need to put the stories back up until Tier in Geist is finished and locked away in a little vault in the back of my mind. I promise I will get back to them, but not now.

Remember me.
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