Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day, Soul Fliers!

Listening to: Soul Meets Body by Death Cab for Cutie. (The theme song for Soul Fliers!)

I have two main things I would like to touch on, so I'm going to welcome back my lovely list making abilities. Oh, and since I most likely won't be blogging about anything tomorrow, Happy Day of Love! Moving on...

1) I have recently hit a huge spot of inspiration for Soul Fliers. I don't know how I did it, but I am currently writing chapter thirteen - even though I've only updated up to chapter nine on FF. Isn't that awesome? I'm completely over my writer's block, now, and I'm really happy about it. I'm breaking my schedule a bit because I don't have it in me to make you wait a week just to update the chapters. That would be cruel. I'll be updating it every two days until I either finish the story or my inspiration wanes, whatever comes first. Now that I'm done about Soul Fliers, I would also like to say that I'm almost finished writing Strange Imprints: A Lion Sleeps, and will possibly be ditching the schedule for that story as well - going to begin writing Wednesday's chapter and then we'll see where that goes...

2) Point number two is slightly worse news. As I want to focus on my two largest followed stories, I'm going to be putting the other three stories I have on a temporary hiatus until I finish them. They might be on hiatus for longer, we'll just have to see - so, I won't be updating either Fanged, ZSE, or Edward's Inferno for awhile. Sorry to those who actually pay attention to those stories.

Anyways, I've listed the two things, and now I'm going to sign off. See you through the written word!

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday and Friday Author's Note

Listening to: the Geeks Get the Girls by American Hi-Fi.

As the title of this post states, this is the author's notes for today (February 10th) and tomorrow (I think you can figure it out). As my updating schedule on FF states, today and tomorrow are the set dates for the next updates of Fanged and Edward's Inferno. Unfortunately, these two stories are m hardest ones to write, and it seems I've hit a bit of a block... for both of them. I've been exhausted all week, just started a new semester of school, been stressed about my marks for my finals, and had a few appointments to attend. It hasn't been an easy week.

Oh, and it turns out that - as far as my vision goes - I have a  'serious problem'. Whatever that means.

So, I apologize to the followers of these two stories; I'll try to update before next Thursday and Friday, with an added bonus of chapters on those days. We'll have to see how everything goes.

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

February Fiction

Listening to: Fall for You by Secondhand Serenade.

Okay, though the title might be slightly misleading, I highly doubt that the month of February will see any new fics from me. I have five stories already going, and five weekdays, so I think everything matches up pretty good.

That doesn't mean I haven't gotten any new ideas, though! I just don't think I'm going to get to them for awhile.

The main reason for this blogpost is I have recently realized the aspect of confusion on my 'upcoming stories' list from my FF profile. There are two upcoming series listed there, Seven Sins Series and Seven Virtues Series. I would like to say that the stories that belong to these particular series will have no connection with each other, and most likely even less connection to the sin/virtue that they are connected to. This is very different from my Strange Imprints Universe, as those stories all revolve around the same context. I have only three summaries up for these confusing series, and they are all very different story lines.

Just to put it out there - the reason why these plot lines are all going to be part of either the Seven Sins Series or the Seven Virtues Series is because I liked the idea of having a set series that fell under the category of Seven Sins or Seven Virtues. I suppose you could call me a very vain writer; it looks good to have a series named something like that. When I finally find time to begin writing/uploading these stories onto FF, the title will appear like this: Seven Sins: Lust or Seven Virtues: Chastity. Much like my Strange Imprints Universe stories. (More on those later...)

Now, I would also like to address some changes to this blog. Sometime this afternoon I am going to be adding two more pages. One will be called Images and the other will be called Upcoming. As you can probably assume, the first one is going to be based around images/banners for my fics or stories, and the second will be my list of upcoming fics or stories. (About the 'or stories' thing, I am also currently working on writing a few novels, and finishing editing/re-writing Curse of Life).

I believe I wrote 'more on that later...' regarding my Strange Imprints Universe. I have already gotten the idea for the next addition to this series, and hopefully once the time comes to begin writing it all goes well. I'm surprised by the amount of people who enjoy this series, and I hope I can keep all of those followers. Just for an added bonus (and so that you can create your own ideas of what the next Strange Imprints fic is about), the title of it is going to be Strange Imprints: To Ride a Horse.

Remember me.
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