Monday, April 25, 2011

Haven't Had a Dream In a Long Time

Listening to: Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want by The Smiths.

Explanation of the blog title: the line of the song that I heard just before writing the title.

I just recently posted a new story titled Masterpiece Theatre: Part I. Currently, I only have a very rough idea/outline for the story, but I know it will be in three parts, and I have a couple of character sketches planned out, so at least I'm not going in blind like I do with a lot of my stories (I love planning things, but most stories are just began on a whim, which this one semi is, but I promise I will not give up until I am done, even if I'm thirty by the time this promise is completed).

Below is the banner and the summary, as well as an excerpt from the prologue for Part I.

Summary: /Slash/Edward-OC/ Haven't you ever wanted to do something that will get you remembered, like Charles Dickens or Jane Austen? Anthony Swan has been searching his entire life for the chance to leave something behind. Can he find a muse for his masterpiece?

Excerpt: He turned to his side, looking at a few of the other instrumentalists who were on stage with him, nodding again. "I'm sure by now you are aware that the title of this concert is Masterpiece Theatre, and that I dedicated it to the love of my life," he smiles as he says it, and my heart flutters as I realize that, even after all the troubles we've been through, he truly loves me, and that our relationship still amazes him just as much as it did on our first date. I close my eyes as he continues speaking, allowing the voice that I loved so much to wash over me. "However, this concert is also dedicated to our story, as well as – of course – my 'masterpiece', and along with it I've gone through so many ups and downs it's hard to keep track." He took a breath, looking down as he began strumming the strings of the guitar in no noticeable pattern. "I've split my 'masterpiece' into three parts, just as I have split the story into three parts. The story can be a story by itself, or it can go along with the music, just the same for the songs. You don't need to know the story behind them to understand them, but this is the way I planned it. You must understand that you are not at a concert in the usual sense. You are at a life reading, with me as the reader. I'm telling you my story, and I hope you take something from it." I open my eyes.


Well, anyways, don't have much else to post about, I guess. It's a little late, but Happy Easter everybody! My brother came up for the weekend and he just left to return home a couple of hours ago, but it was great to have him around. I'll admit I was writing a lot of the time he was visiting, but I'm a pretty good at multi-tasking. 

For those of you not in 'the know' yet, before the end of the week I will be posting a new Strange Imprints story (full title: Strange Imprints: Old Foxes) and the basis of it is that it is a prequel of sorts for Play the Fox. I hope all fans enjoy that. When I post it, I will also be posting an outtake for Play the Fox, in which the information for the prequel will be in the ending author's note. I hope all of you who read this look forward to it!

Remember me.

Edit: I forgot to talk about my other upcoming stories. I'm not sure if you've notice, but currently the list of upcoming stories on this blog is down, simply because I'm sifting through all of my ideas and refining the ones I am sure I want to write. Since I have writer's block for Edward's Inferno, I am going to be posting other stories that will, hopefully, help me get over the block. The most stories I will ever have going at one time will be five, simply because there are five working days in a week. Sometime tomorrow I will be posting the official list of stories I will be taking underway come May 1st (which is my birthday, by the way :D), though a few of them will be posted before then. Like I said, there may be five, so along with Edward's Inferno, Masterpiece Theatre: Part I, and Strange Imprints: Old Foxes, and maybe one or two more if I feel up to taking on that much at this time. If I do, I'm think maybe one or two more Strange Imprints stories, but maybe I'll finally get the sequel to Tier in Geist, Seele Kinder up. Who knows... 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Totalitarian Tuesday

Listening to: Russian Roulette by Rihanna.

Explanation of the title: we have this word of the day thing at school, and the word has to start with the same letter as the day, and this was today's word. Yea...

This is really a completely pointless post. Well, not really, but the main reason I have for posting it is. We'll get to that at the end, though.

So, to all Strange Imprints: Play the Fox readers out there (have no idea what I'm talking about? click here), I would just like to - semi-happily - point out that I am writing more in this particular sub-universe of my Strange Imprints 'universe'. The new story, Strange Imprints: Old Foxes (banner here) will be about Bella's life before she meets Edward. So, basically, it shall be about Bella's life as a fox with her very fox-like family.

Fun, right?

Also, I have two sort-of-serious-but-maybe-not stories that I am writing, and am - once again - at the stage where I am ready to tackle more than one story. Old Foxes will be sort of like a side project, but I will be putting it on the posting schedule. The two stories are titled 3 Shades of Isabella Cullen and Indications, directly below this paragraph you shall find a summary and excerpt of each one, so you can have an idea of what may or may not be to come.

3 Shades of Isabella Cullen

Summary: Edward Masen – chubby, nerdy freshman at Forks High. Isabella Cullen – astonishingly beautiful, artistic junior at Forks High. She takes him under her wing, and despite their differences, fall in love.

Excerpt from Chapter One: My world nearly stopped when I heard a sweet, lilting voice behind me just as a gentle, cold hand was set on my shoulder. “You know, Michael, it isn’t very nice to treat a fellow student that way. I’m sure Principal Greene would agree, don’t you think?”

It was almost comical the way this ‘Michael’ and the two girls widened their eyes on shock, before stuttering out apologies. As they scampered away, nearly running into the building in fright, the voice let out an airy chuckle, and the hand squeezed my shoulder gently. Working up the courage, I turned towards my rescuer, nearly falling over myself in shock as my eyes met the most beautiful creature I had ever seen.

Indications (For those in the know, this is the story I was talking about on my poll - the one that is kind of like Tier in Geist but not really? Yea, well, this is it...)

Summary: Veneron: a world where soul mates are brought together by matching tattoos. Edward and Bella are a pair of next generation Breeders; read along as they find each other and learn to live with thoughts of the future.

Excerpt from Chapter One: Across her left hand, and, he knew, her forearm, as well, was a strange, intricate design. He had seen this design many times, though he had never seen the girl before in his life. As she met his eyes, he confirmed that fact; he would have remembered those eyes, like deep chocolate pools that led him down into her soul.

As they stared at each other, he brought his left hand slowly up over the roof of his car. Her brow puckered in confusion, before her eyes left his and gazed at his now visible hand, widening before flicking back to his in wonder.


Did either of those stories catch your interest? I hope so...

Anyways, this is the main reason for this post (you know, the semi-pointless thing I was talking about earlier? :P). ... guess what came out yesterday... THE OFFICIAL ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO THE TWILIGHT SAGA! 

Anyways, see what I meant by it being pointless? That's really what this whole post was about - getting to write that in CAPS lock. Yep, I'm a dork, and I'm content with this fact. I shall be going now...

Remember me.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Script Frenzy

Listening to: the Sweater Song by Hedley. (Good song. If you haven't heard it, definitely YouTube it.)

Explanation of the title: go to this website to find out.

Okay, well.

As mentioned last post, I've deleted Fanged and ZSE from FF, and so far it's going great. There are no longer any distractions for me to go through before I can update Edward's Inferno (a story that I wish had more readers...). I promised my friend, doves1993, that I would update three days in a row because she's gone for three days, and she said it would be awesome if she returned to three new updates in her inbox. I've already posted two of the three basically-promised chapters (Chapter 10 and Chapter 11) and am already working on the last one. I'm thinking this story is going to be longer than any of my other ones, but where's the harm in that?

If you haven't already, please head over to my FF profile (click here) and take the poll to be found there, please. I'd really like your opinion. The poll concerns a new story idea of mine, and if you would like more information on said story, email me at and I will send you a little excerpt of it so you can tell me you like it.

That's all, folks!

Remember me.
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