Tuesday, September 20, 2011

October Line-Up

Listening to: the sounds of Water for Elephants. (This movie is fantastic, I recommend that everybody watch it; of course, only after you've read the book, which is equally amazing).

This post is just about the writing I will be doing when, or possibly even before, October arrives. I have posted a few 'possible stories' on the spam blog, of which include some I have recently been giving a heavy thinking to. Here is a list of a few stories that I am going to be working on, as well as a little information about it. If it has already been mentioned on the spam blog, I'll just post a link to the post.

Kingdom of Children - thisisalinkthisisalinkthisisalink

Werewolf Tails: Paul - thisisalinkthisisalinkthisisalink

All is Different, Now - thisisalinkthisisalinkthisisalink

3 Shades of Isabella Cullen - thisisalinkthisisalinkthisisalink

Identical Mates - 
Fandom: Water for Elephants/Twilight
Coupling Type: Main couple is a slash couple; Jacob Jankowski and Edward Cullen.
Summary: Not final; will come soon.

This is all I have been thinking about for awhile, but I'm not completely sure which I will officially add to the October or pre-October line-up. I guess only time will tell. For now, I will continue working on Afterglow as sort of a side project, and hopefully I'll be able to spit out a chapter or two of Edward's Inferno soon. As for the other stories, the following will remain on hiatus until I can get an idea of where they are going to go again.

Edward's Purgatorio
Masterpiece Theatre, Pt. 1
and Strange Imprints: Earn Your Stripes

Remember me.

EDIT: New idea.

Strawberry Roses - 
Fandom: Twilight
Coupling Type: Canon; Isabella and Rosalie are OOC, though.
Summary: Not final - What if it was Isabella Hale instead of Rosalie? It is 1933, and Carlisle finds a dying Bella in the streets of Rochester. Will Edward like the egotistical girl, or will she need to wait for another prince?

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